This is a list of all books I’m tracking. Obviously I won’t get through all of them, but most of these books are books I’m interested in reading at some point.

BookAuthorGenrePublication DateReadRatingSeries
HollyStephen KingHorror, Thriller2023-09-05NoHolly Gibney [3]
Fjellet, geværet, vannetLars RamslieContemporary2023-05-12No
Red Team BluesCory DoctorowScience Fiction, Mystery, Thriller2023-04-25NoMartin Hench [1]
Going ZeroAnthony McCartenThriller2023-04-11No
HitraSamuel BjørkThriller, Crime2023-03-17NoHolger Munch & Mia Kruger [5]
Critical MassDaniel SuarezScience Fiction, Thriller2023-01-24NoDelta-V [2]
The SurvivalistsKashana CauleyContemporary, Thriller2023-01-102023-04-104
Standing by the WallMick HerronShort Story, Thriller, Crime2022-10-03NoSlough House [8.5]
The Bullet That MissedRichard OsmanMystery, Fiction, Crime2022-09-15NoThursday Murder Club [3]
Drømmen om et treMaja LundeDystopian, Science Fiction, Contemporary2022-09-09NoKlimakvartetten [4]
Fairy TaleStephen KingFantasy, Fiction, Horror2022-09-06No
BlodmåneJo NesbøCrime, Thriller, Mystery2022-08-30NoHarry Hole [13]
11%Maren UthaugDystopia, Science Fiction, Feminism2022-08-09No
The Seven Moons of Maali AlmeidaShehan KarunatilakaHistorical Fiction, Fantasy, Magical Realism2022-08-04No
NightcrawlingLeila MottleyContemporary, LGBT2022-06-072023-04-074.5
Bad ActorsMick HerronThriller, Mystery, Espionage2022-05-10NoSlough House [8]
Remarkably Bright CreaturesShelby Van PeltContemporary, Mystery, Animals, Magical Realism2022-05-03No
When the Dust SettlesLucy EasthopeNonfiction, Biography, Science2022-03-31No
The Sins of Our FathersJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Novella, Short Story, Space Opera2022-03-15NoThe Expanse [9.5]
Gwendy's Final TaskStephen King, Richard ChizmarHorror, Fiction, Fantasy2022-02-15NoThe Button Box [3]
Leviathan FallsJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Space Opera2021-11-032021-12-254The Expanse [9]
UlvenSamuel BjørkThriller, Crime2021-10-07NoHolger Munch & Mia Kruger [4]
Judas 62Charles CummingThriller, Espionage, Mystery, Crime, Historical Fiction2021-09-30NoBox 88 [2]
The Man Who Died TwiceRichard OsmanMystery, Fiction, Crime2021-09-01NoThursday Murder Club [2]
Byens Spor: Jesper og TrudeLars Saabye ChristensenContemporary, Historical Fiction, Norwegian2021-08-182021-08-224Byens Spor [4]
Billy SummersStephen KingFiction, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Crime2021-08-03No
The Price of SilenceRick TreonThriller2021-08-03NoBartholomew Beck [2]
En tid for å leveJan KjærstadContemporary2021-08-01No
Min skyldAbid RajaNonfiction, Biography, Memoir2021-08-01No
True Crime StoryJoseph KnoxMystery, Thriller, Crime2021-06-17No
The PromiseDamon GalgutHistorical Fiction2021-06-17No
Project Hail MaryAndy WeirScience Fiction, Thriller, Mystery2021-05-042021-06-135
On JuneteenthAnnette Gordon-ReedHistory, Nonfiction, Memoir, Race, Essays2021-05-042021-06-214
Fugitive TelemetryMartha WellsScience Fiction2021-04-27NoThe Murderbot Diaries [6]
LaterStephen KingCrime, Horror, Thriller2021-03-02No
En tilfeldig nordmannLars Saabye ChristensenContemporary, Norwegian2021-02-182021-04-113.5
Slough HouseMick HerronThriller, Mystery, Espionage, Crime2021-02-04NoSlough House [7]
Ready Player TwoErnest ClineYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopia2020-11-24NoReady Player One [2]
A Promised LandBarack ObamaAutobiography, History, Memoir, Nonfiction, Politics2020-11-172021-01-234
Spice TraderHenry NeilsenThriller2020-10-312020-11-083.5
Attack SurfaceCory DoctorowScience Fiction, Dystopia, Cyberpunk, Thriller, Technology2020-10-13NoLittle Brother [3]
Into the Serpent's LairRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2020-10-09NoThe Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [15]
Box 88Charles CummingThriller, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Espionage, Crime2020-10-01NoBox 88 [1]
MorgenstjernenKarl Ove KnausgårdContemporary, Norwegian2020-09-18No
Min kinesiske farmorLars Saabye ChristensenNonfiction, Norwegian2020-09-102020-11-143
Tollak til IngeborgTore RenbergContemporary, Norwegian2020-09-032020-09-154.5
Thursday Murder ClubRichard OsmanContemporary, Crime, Mystery, Thriller2020-09-032021-02-063.5Thursday Murder Club [1]
Gul bokZeshan ShakarNorwegian, Contemporary2020-08-142020-10-034
Er mor dødVigdis HjorthContemporary, Family2020-08-14No
Hør her'a!Gulraiz SharifYoung Adult, Norwegian, Contemporary2020-08-012020-11-294.5
Hva hun klager over når hun klager over husarbeidetHeidi LindeNorwegian, Contemporary2020-07-10No
Let the Guilty PayRick TreonMystery2020-07-042020-05-245Bartholomew Beck [1]
A Line in the SandRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2020-05-19NoThe Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [14]
Ingen kan hjelpe megIngvar AmbjørnsenNorwegian, Humour, Contemporary2020-05-142020-07-054Elling [5]
Network EffectMartha WellsScience Fiction2020-05-05In progressThe Murderbot Diaries [5]
Home: Habitat, Range, Niche, TerritoryMartha WellsScience Fiction, Short Story2020-05-052023-05-033.5The Murderbot Diaries [4.5]
If It BleedsStephen KingShort Stories, Mystery, Horror2020-04-21NoHolly Gibney [2]
KilimanjaroJoseph H. BaskinThriller2020-04-092020-04-054
Live with the TruthRick TreonThriller2020-04-01NoBartholomew Beck [0.5]
American DirtJeanine CumminsContemporary, Thriller2020-01-212020-02-125
The Conference of the BirdsRansom RiggsFantasy2020-01-142020-01-314Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children [5]
Return of the CorinariRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2019-12-15NoThe Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [13]
Gwendy's Magic FeatherRichard ChizmarHorror, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery2019-11-19NoThe Button Box [2]
Auberon: An Expanse NovellaJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Short Stories2019-11-122020-03-014The Expanse [8.5]
Agent Running in the FieldJohn le CarréThriller, Espionage, Mystery2019-10-172020-06-264
Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect PredatorsRonan FarrowNonfiction, Politics2019-10-152019-11-185
Przewalskis hestMaja LundeDystopia, Contemporary, Historical Fiction2019-09-15NoKlimakvartetten [3]
The InstituteStephen KingThriller, Horror, Fantasy2019-09-102019-12-174.5
Byens Spor: SkyggebokenLars Saabye ChristensenContemporary2019-08-052019-09-065Byens Spor [3]
The SleepwalkerJoseph KnoxThriller, Crime2019-07-112020-05-213.5Aidan Waits Thriller [3]
The ChainAdrian McKintyThriller, Mystery2019-07-092019-08-053
Joe CountryMick HerronThriller, Mystery, Espionage, Crime2019-06-20NoSlough House [6]
KnivJo NesbøThriller, Crime2019-06-062022-12-264Harry Hole [12]
Ekko av en vennIngvar AmbjørnsenNorwegian, Contemporary2019-05-272020-05-225Elling [5]
A Price Too HighRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2019-05-16NoThe Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [12]
Delta-VDaniel SuarezScience Fiction, Thriller2019-04-23NoDelta-V [1]
Wings of DeceitWilliam HoffmanThriller2019-04-112020-03-164
Ut av skyggeneShazia MajidNonfiction, Asia, Feminism2019-04-07No
Tiamat's WrathJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Space Opera2019-03-262019-04-195The Expanse [8]
A Rock and a Hard PlaceRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2019-02-14NoThe Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [11]
The Silent PatientAlex MichaelidesMystery, Thriller2019-02-052020-02-223
ElevationStephen KingShort Stories, Horror, Fantasy2018-10-302020-02-143.5
The DropMick HerronEspionage, Thriller, Mystery, Short Story2018-10-30NoSlough House [5.5]
RetaliationRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2018-10-28NoThe Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [10]
Exit StrategyMartha WellsScience Fiction2018-10-022023-05-024.5The Murderbot Diaries [4]
A Map of DaysRansom RiggsFantasy2018-10-022019-12-304Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children [4]
Endelig tirsdagDaniel MilfordHumor2018-09-042018-09-124.5
Gutten som elsket rådyrSamuel BjørkThriller, Crime, Nordic Noir2018-09-01NoHolger Munch & Mia Kruger [3]
Byens Spor: MajLars Saabye ChristensenNorwegian, Historical Fiction, Contemporary2018-08-212018-10-235Byens Spor [2]
Where the Crawdads SingDelia OwensHistorical Fiction, Mystery, Romance2018-08-142020-01-233.5
Rogue ProtocolMartha WellsScience Fiction, Space Opera2018-08-072022-12-274The Murderbot Diaries [3]
I Am JusticeRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2018-07-18NoThe Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [9]
NullpunktThomas Enger, Jørn Lier HorstMystery, Crime, Norwegian2018-07-02NoAlexander Blix og Emma Ramm [1]
London RulesMick HerronThriller, Mystery, Espionage, Crime2018-06-05NoSlough House [5]
The OutsiderStephen KingThriller, Mystery, Horror, Crime2018-05-22NoHolly Gibney [1]
Artificial ConditionMartha WellsFantasy, Science Fiction2018-05-082021-04-254.5The Murderbot Diaries [2]
War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American InfluenceRonan FarrowPolitics, Nonfiction, History2018-04-242020-01-074
Gratis og uforpliktande verdivurderingMarit EikemoContemporary, Philosophy, Norwegian2018-04-092019-07-214
SanctuaryRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2018-03-22NoThe Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [8]
The Smiling ManJoseph KnoxThriller, Crime2018-03-082019-07-244Aidan Waits Thriller [2]
EducatedTara WestoverNonfiction, Memoir2018-02-182019-07-165
So You Want to Talk About RaceIjeoma OluoNon Fiction, Race, Politics2018-01-162020-06-205
Fall of the Core: Netcast 03Ryk BrownScience Fiction2017-12-292022-09-184The Frontiers Saga: Fall of the Core [4]
Persepolis RisingJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2017-12-052018-09-124The Expanse [7]
Who Takes No RiskRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2017-11-29NoThe Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [7]
ArtemisAndy WeirScience Fiction2017-11-142018-06-134
BlåMaja LundeScience Fiction, Dystopia, Norwegian2017-10-12NoKlimakvartetten [2]
Byens Spor: Ewald og MajLars Saabye ChristensenNorwegian, Family2017-10-052018-07-154Byens Spor [1]
OriginDan BrownThriller, Mystery2017-10-03NoRobert Langdon [5]
Sleeping BeautiesStephen King, Owen KingFantasy, Horror, Thriller2017-09-26No
Tante Ulrikkes veiZeshan ShakarContemporary, Norwegian2017-09-142020-09-094.5
A Legacy of SpiesJohn le CarréEspionage, Thriller, Mystery2017-09-05NoGeorge Smiley [9]
For the Triumph of EvilRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2017-08-282023-06-014The Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [6]
BergeJan KjærstadContemporary, Crime, Norwegian2017-08-232018-03-295
After On: A Novel of Silicon ValleyRob ReidScience Fiction, Humor, Technology2017-08-01No
Then She Was GoneLisa JewellMystery, Thriller2017-07-272023-07-164
Strange DogsJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Short Stories2017-07-182018-06-033The Expanse [6.5]
My Sister, the Serial KillerOyinkan BraithwaiteThriller, Mystery, Crime, Contemporary2017-07-172020-03-065
Fall of the Core: Netcast 02Ryk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2017-06-222022-09-163The Frontiers Saga: Fall of the Core [3]
BalanceRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2017-05-252023-03-125The Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [5]
Gwendy's Button BoxStephen King, Richard ChizmarFantasy, Horror, Mystery2017-05-162020-05-063.5The Button Box [1]
All Systems RedMartha WellsAdventure, Crime, Science Fiction2017-05-022021-03-063.5The Murderbot Diaries [1]
Change AgentDaniel SuarezScience Fiction, Thriller2017-04-18No
TørstJo NesbøThriller, Crime2017-03-212021-04-244Harry Hole [11]
RebellionRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2017-02-172022-12-234.5The Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [4]
Spook StreetMick HerronThriller, Espionage, Mystery, Crime2017-02-092023-09-104Slough House [4]
SirensJoseph KnoxThriller, Crime2017-01-122018-03-264Aidan Waits Thriller [1]
ResurrectionRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2016-12-252022-12-033.5The Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [3]
Babylon's AshesJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2016-12-062018-05-103The Expanse [6]
Born a Crime: Stories From a South African ChildhoodTrevor NoahAutobiography, Biography, Nonfiction2016-11-152020-04-104
The PowerNaomi AldermanScience Fiction, Dystopia2016-10-272019-05-313
RescueRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2016-09-272022-11-204The Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [2]
Arv og miljøVigdis HjorthContemporary, Family, Norwegian2016-09-012020-11-033.5
End of WatchStephen KingThriller, Mystery2016-06-072017-07-083Bill Hodges Trilogy [3]
EscalationRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2016-05-272022-10-293.5The Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes [1]
Real TigersMick HerronThriller, Mystery, Espionage, Crime2016-01-192023-08-254Slough House [3]
That Which Other Men Cannot DoRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2015-12-272021-08-174The Frontiers Saga [15]
UglenSamuel BjørkThriller, Crime, Nordic Noir2015-11-02NoHolger Munch & Mia Kruger [2]
The Vital AbyssJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2015-10-152018-03-274The Expanse [5.5]
The Road to Little DribblingBill BrysonTravel, Nonfiction, Humor, Memoir2015-10-08NoNotes from a Small Island [2]
Diary of an AssCanAndy WeirScience Fiction, Short Story2015-09-30NoThe Martian [0.5]
Library of SoulsRansom RiggsFantasy2015-09-222015-11-194Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children [3]
Slutten på verden slik vi kjenner denErlend LoeContemporary, Humor2015-09-10NoDoppler [3]
The Weak and the InnocentRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2015-08-192021-05-264The Frontiers Saga [14]
MagnetLars Saabye ChristensenContemporary2015-08-01No
Bienes historieMaja LundeNorwegian, Historical2015-07-302023-09-074.5Klimakvartetten [1]
Fall of the Core: Netcast 01Ryk BrownScience Fiction2015-07-162022-09-114The Frontiers Saga: Fall of the Core [2]
Between the World and MeTa-Nehisi CoatesRace, Nonfiction, Memoir2015-07-142020-08-074
Nemesis GamesJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2015-06-022018-03-025The Expanse [5]
Finders KeepersStephen KingThriller2015-06-022015-11-025Bill Hodges Trilogy [2]
Fall of the Core: Netcast ZeroRyk BrownSpace Opera, Short Stories, Science Fiction2015-05-262021-09-044The Frontiers Saga: Fall of the Core [1]
A Show of ForceRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2015-04-012021-02-254The Frontiers Saga [13]
The ListMick HerronEspionage, Thriller, Mystery, Crime2015-01-272023-07-164.5Slough House [2.5]
The Girl on the TrainPaula HawkinsThriller2015-01-132017-07-263
RevivalStephen KingHorror, Thriller2014-11-112023-02-194
Rise of the AllianceRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2014-10-122020-11-224.5The Frontiers Saga [12]
EchopraxiaPeter WattsScience Fiction, Horror2014-08-26NoFirefall [2]
The ColonelPeter WattsScience Fiction, Short Story, Horror2014-07-29NoFirefall [1.5]
Cibola BurnJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2014-06-172018-01-024The Expanse [4]
Mr. MercedesStephen KingThriller, Crime2014-06-032015-01-284Bill Hodges Trilogy [1]
Bellweather RhapsodyKate RacculiaMystery2014-05-132016-04-135
Born of the AshesRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2014-05-012020-08-164The Frontiers Saga [11]
The ChurnJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Short Stories2014-04-292017-12-274The Expanse [3.5]
InfluxDaniel SuarezScience Fiction, Thriller2014-02-20No
The 33, Episode 1: PramanthaJ. C. HutchinsScience Fiction2014-01-292014-03-304The 33 [1]
Hollow CityRansom RiggsFantasy2014-01-142015-10-144Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children [2]
LiberationRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2014-01-092020-06-034.5The Frontiers Saga [10]
ResistanceRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2013-10-182020-04-224The Frontiers Saga [9]
Doctor SleepStephen KingParanormal, Thriller, Horror2013-09-242014-04-245The Shining [2]
Det henger en engel alene i skogenSamuel BjørkThriller, Crime, Nordic Noir2013-09-02NoHolger Munch & Mia Kruger [1]
The LuminariesEleanor CattonHistorical Fiction, Mystery2013-08-242014-11-163
Celestia CV-02Ryk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2013-08-142020-03-223.5The Frontiers Saga [8]
Night FilmMarisha PesslThriller2013-08-012016-02-284
The ExpanseRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2013-06-172019-10-294The Frontiers Saga [7]
PolitiJo NesbøThriller, Crime2013-06-062014-01-035Harry Hole [10]
JoylandStephen KingThriller, Mystery, Horror, Crime2013-06-04No
Abaddon's GateJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2013-06-042017-12-194The Expanse [3]
InfernoDan BrownThriller, Mystery2013-05-142013-05-304Robert Langdon [4]
Dead LionsMick HerronThriller, Mystery, Espionage2013-05-072022-12-093Slough House [2]
Fatal Sunset: Vanished BeautyMark Yoshimoto NemcoffTrue Crime2013-04-162013-07-134
Lawful InterceptionCory DoctorowScience Fiction, Young Adult, Short Story, Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Technology2013-03-05NoLittle Brother [2.5]
HomelandCory DoctorowScience Fiction, Young Adult, Dystopia, Cyberpunk, Technology2013-02-05NoLittle Brother [2]
Head of the DragonRyk BrownSpace Opera, Science Fiction2013-02-042019-09-284The Frontiers Saga [6]
The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business WinGene Kim, George Spafford, Kevin BehrTechnology, Business2013-01-102016-01-124
StedsansLars Saabye ChristensenShort Stories2013-01-01No
DriveJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Short Stories2012-11-272017-10-293The Expanse [0.2]
1,227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks OffJohn Mitchinson, John Lloyd, James HarkinNonfiction, Humour2012-11-012013-02-283
Rise of the CorinariRyk BrownScience Fiction, Space Opera2012-10-122019-09-144The Frontiers Saga [5]
The Casual VacancyJ. K. RowlingContemporary, Mystery2012-09-272012-10-063
Where'd You Go, BernadetteMaria SempleMystery, Humour2012-08-142016-01-155
Kill DecisionDaniel SuarezScience Fiction, Thriller2012-07-19No
Freedom's DawnRyk BrownScience Fiction2012-07-032019-01-023The Frontiers Saga [4]
Year ZeroRob ReidScience Fiction, Humour, Fantasy2012-07-012013-12-285
Caliban's WarJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2012-06-262017-10-244The Expanse [2]
Gone GirlGillian FlynnThriller, Crime2012-06-012016-03-204
Fatal Sunset: Deadly VacationsMark Yoshimoto NemcoffThriller, Nonfiction2012-04-012013-05-244
The Legend of CorinairRyk BrownScience Fiction2012-03-202017-07-024The Frontiers Saga [3]
The Wind Through the KeyholeStephen KingHorror, Fantasy2012-02-21NoThe Dark Tower [4.5]
The Rings of HavenRyk BrownScience Fiction2012-02-032017-06-033The Frontiers Saga [2]
Norske stilerLars Saabye ChristensenHumour2012-01-01No
AfterliffJohn LloydNonfiction, Humour2012-01-01NoThe Meaning of Liff [3]
SlukLars Saabye ChristensenScandinavian Literature2012-01-01No
Skepsis - guide til kritisk tenkningMona Hide Klausen, Kjetil HopePsychology, Nonfiction2012-01-012013-07-153
Gods of RiskJames S. A. CoreySpace Opera, Science Fiction2012-01-012017-10-294The Expanse [2.1]
Aurora: CV-01Ryk BrownScience Fiction2011-12-192017-04-294The Frontiers Saga [1]
11/22/63Stephen KingScience Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy2011-11-08No
Steve JobsWalter IsaacsonTechnology, Nonfiction, Biography2011-10-242012-05-174
The Butcher of Anderson StationJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2011-10-172017-07-163The Expanse [0.5]
Ready Player OneErnest ClineScience Fiction, Dystopia2011-08-162016-03-215Ready Player One [1]
A Dance with DragonsGeorge R. R. MartinFantasy2011-07-122013-12-204A Song of Ice and Fire [5]
VortexRobert Charles WilsonScience Fiction2011-07-05NoSpin [3]
Leviathan WakesJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2011-06-152017-07-164The Expanse [1]
GjenferdJo NesbøCrime, Thriller2011-06-092020-07-194Harry Hole [9]
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenRansom RiggsFantasy2011-06-072015-06-154Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children [1]
Beauty QueensLibba BrayContemporary, Humor2011-05-242017-06-303
Hall of Mirrors: Volume OneMike BennettShort Stories, Horror2011-03-282013-01-194
How To Talk to Children About Modern ArtFrançoise Barbe-GallNonfiction, Art2011-02-102013-06-053
Dette er mine gamle dagerTore RenbergContemporary2011-01-01NoJarle Klepp [5]
I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About AlanAlan Partridge, Armando Iannucci, Neil Gibbons, Rob Gibbons, Steve CooganHumour2011-01-012012-06-033
The MartianAndy WeirScience Fiction2011-01-012014-11-255The Martian [1]
The Fry ChroniclesStephen FryBiography, Nonfiction2010-09-132010-11-124Memoir [2]
Slow HorsesMick HerronEspionage, Mystery, Thriller2010-06-012021-07-174Slough House [1]
HornsJoe HillThriller, Horror, Fantasy2010-02-162014-08-054
Freedom™Daniel SuarezScience Fiction2010-01-072014-08-173Daemon [2]
Bernhard Hvals forsnakkelserLars Saabye ChristensenNorwegian2010-01-01No
Under the DomeStephen KingThriller, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy2009-11-10No
The Audacity to WinDavid PlouffeNonfiction, Politics2009-10-152010-04-034
The Lost SymbolDan BrownThriller, Mystery2009-09-152009-11-114Robert Langdon [3]
Pixley MapogoTore RenbergContemporary2009-09-09NoJarle Klepp [4]
More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of TeaTom ReynoldsNonfiction, Medical, Humour, Nonfiction, Biography2009-05-012013-11-114Blood, Sweat and Tea [2]
PanserhjerteJo NesbøCrime, Thriller2009-01-012020-05-034Harry Hole [8]
The Tales of Beedle the BardJ. K. RowlingShort Stories, Fantasy2008-12-042009-08-094Hogwarts Library Series [3]
The Elegance of the HedgehogMuriel BarberyPhilosophy, Contemporary2008-09-022012-05-225
Little BrotherCory DoctorowScience Fiction, Dystopia2008-04-292009-08-084Little Brother [1]
Duma KeyStephen KingHorror2008-01-22No
StoreulvsyndrometThomas Hylland EriksenNonfiction2008-01-012013-01-213
BisettelsenLars Saabye ChristensenContemporary2008-01-01NoBeatles-trilogien [3]
Charlotte Isabel HansenTore RenbergRomance, Contemporary2008-01-01NoJarle Klepp [3]
A Killing FrostR. D. WingfieldMystery, Crime2008-01-01NoInspector Frost [6]
HodejegerneJo NesbøThriller, Crime2008-01-012012-06-254
Exit GhostPhilip RothContemporary, American2007-10-012008-10-213
AxisRobert Charles WilsonScience Fiction2007-09-18NoSpin [2]
Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsJ. K. RowlingYoung Adult, Magic, Fantasy2007-07-21Yes5Harry Potter [7]
BlazeRichard BachmanHorror, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Suspense2007-06-12No
Black ManRichard K. MorganScience Fiction, Thriller, Mystery2007-05-172014-04-184
Luftslottet som SprengtesStieg LarssonThriller, Mystery, Crime2007-05-012011-09-055Millennium [3]
Heart-Shaped BoxJoe HillParanormal, Thriller, Horror2007-02-132009-04-263
SnømannenJo NesbøThriller, Mystery, Crime2007-01-012020-02-294Harry Hole [7]
DaemonDaniel SuarezScience Fiction, Thriller2006-12-012014-07-304Daemon [1]
Lisey's StoryStephen KingHorror, Fantasy2006-10-24No
BlindsightPeter WattsScience Fiction, Horror2006-10-032015-02-104Firefall [1]
The Damned UtdDavid PeaceHistorical Fiction, Sport2006-08-172009-06-013
Blood, Sweat and TeaTom ReynoldsNonfiction, Biography2006-08-012012-07-194Blood, Sweat and Tea [1]
Comfortably Numb - A History of The Wall - Pink Floyd 1978-1981Vernon Fitch, Richard MahonMusic, Biography2006-07-28Yes5
Jenta Som Lekte med IldenStieg LarssonThriller, Mystery, Crime2006-05-092011-08-265Millennium [2]
CellStephen KingHorror2006-01-24No
Saabyes cirkusLars Saabye ChristensenNorwegian2006-01-01No
A Feast for CrowsGeorge R. R. MartinFantasy2005-10-172013-11-043A Song of Ice and Fire [4]
FrelserenJo NesbøThriller, Mystery, Crime2005-10-122019-12-264Harry Hole [6]
The Colorado KidStephen KingMystery, Horror, Crime2005-10-04No
The Google StoryDavid A. ViseTechnology, Nonfiction, Business2005-10-01Yes4
The Book ThiefMarkus ZusakHistorical Fiction, Young Adult2005-09-012008-07-235
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Pippi LångstrumpAstrid LindgrenClassics, Childrens1945-11-01NoPippi Långstrump [1]
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The Secret of ChimneysAgatha ChristieMystery, Crime1925-06-012011-06-263Superintendent Battle [1]
The TrialFranz KafkaPhilosophy, Classics1925-04-262017-05-134
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The Man in the Brown SuitAgatha ChristieMystery, Crime, Classics1924-08-222011-06-113Colonel Race [1]
Poirot InvestigatesAgatha ChristieShort Stories, Mystery, Crime, Classics1924-03-012010-12-303Hercule Poirot [3]
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The Murder on the LinksAgatha ChristieMystery, Crime, Classics1923-05-012010-10-093Hercule Poirot [2]
The Adventures of SallyP. G. WodehouseHumour1922-10-172008-06-084
BabbittSinclair LewisAmerican, Classics1922-01-012014-06-013
The Secret AdversaryAgatha ChristieMystery, Crime1922-01-012011-04-054Tommy & Tuppence [1]
The Man Who Knew Too MuchG. K. ChestertonShort Stories, Mystery, Classics1922-01-012013-07-133
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The Importance of Being EarnestOscar Wildeplay, comedy, farce1899-01-012023-03-124.5
DraculaBram StokerClassics, Horror1897-05-26No
Tom Sawyer, DetectiveMark TwainClassics, Mystery1896-01-01NoThe Adventures of Tom and Huck [4]
Tom Sawyer AbroadMark TwainClassics, Adventure1894-01-01NoThe Adventures of Tom and Huck [3]
The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesArthur Conan DoyleShort Stories, Mystery, Crime, Classics1892-10-142008-05-254Sherlock Holmes [3]
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VildandenHenrik IbsenPlays, Classics1884-01-01Yes3
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Three in Norway by Two of ThemJ. A. Lees, Walter J. ClutterbuckTravel1882-01-012012-06-084
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Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall StreetHerman MelvilleShort story, Classic1853-12-012022-09-064
Bleak HouseCharles DickensClassics1853-01-01No
Moby-Dick or, the WhaleHerman MelvilleClassics, Adventure1851-10-18No
The Scarlet LetterNathaniel HawthorneClassics, Historical Fiction1850-01-01No
Vanity FairWilliam Makepeace ThackerayHistorical Fiction, Classics1848-01-012010-06-084
Wuthering HeightsEmily BrontëClassics, Romance, Gothic1847-12-01No
Jane EyreCharlotte BrontëClassics, Romance1847-10-19No
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The RavenEdgar Allan PoePoems, Classics1845-01-292014-04-244
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EmmaJane AustenClassics, Romance, Historical Fiction1815-12-23No
Mansfield ParkJane AustenClassics, Romance, Historical Fiction1814-07-01No
Pride and PrejudiceJane AustenClassics1813-01-282017-03-023
Sense and SensibilityJane AustenClassics, Romance1811-10-30No
Gulliver's TravelsJonathan SwiftFantasy, Classics1726-10-28Yes3
Serious Reflections During the Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson CrusoeDaniel DefoeClassics1720-01-01No
Robinson CrusoeDaniel DefoeClassics, Adventure1719-04-25NoRobinson Crusoe [1]
The Farther Adventures of Robinson CrusoeDaniel DefoeClassics, Adventure1719-01-01NoRobinson Crusoe [2]
One Thousand and One NightsAnonymousFrame story, Folk tales1706-01-01No
Don QuixoteMiguel de CervantesClassics1620-01-01No
HamletWilliam ShakespeareClassics, Plays1602-01-01Yes4
A Midsummer Night's DreamWilliam ShakespearePlay, Fantasy, Classics1600-10-082015-03-033
UtopiaThomas MorePolitical philosophy, Satire1516-01-012023-02-163.5