Pseudonym for: Daniel Abraham, Ty Franck

BookAuthorGenrePublication DateReadRatingSeries
The Sins of Our FathersJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Novella, Short Story, Space Opera2022-03-15NoThe Expanse [9.5]
Leviathan FallsJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Space Opera2021-11-032021-12-254The Expanse [9]
Auberon: An Expanse NovellaJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Short Stories2019-11-122020-03-014The Expanse [8.5]
Tiamat's WrathJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Space Opera2019-03-262019-04-195The Expanse [8]
Persepolis RisingJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2017-12-052018-09-124The Expanse [7]
Strange DogsJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Short Stories2017-07-182018-06-033The Expanse [6.5]
Babylon's AshesJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2016-12-062018-05-103The Expanse [6]
The Vital AbyssJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2015-10-152018-03-274The Expanse [5.5]
Nemesis GamesJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2015-06-022018-03-025The Expanse [5]
Cibola BurnJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2014-06-172018-01-024The Expanse [4]
The ChurnJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Short Stories2014-04-292017-12-274The Expanse [3.5]
Abaddon's GateJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2013-06-042017-12-194The Expanse [3]
DriveJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction, Short Stories2012-11-272017-10-293The Expanse [0.2]
Caliban's WarJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2012-06-262017-10-244The Expanse [2]
Gods of RiskJames S. A. CoreySpace Opera, Science Fiction2012-01-012017-10-294The Expanse [2.1]
The Butcher of Anderson StationJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2011-10-172017-07-163The Expanse [0.5]
Leviathan WakesJames S. A. CoreyScience Fiction2011-06-152017-07-164The Expanse [1]