Written by Ian Fleming

Number 1 in James Bond (Original Series)

Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Pages: 210
Genre: Espionage, Thriller, Classics
Published: 1953-04-13
Original Language: English

Introducing James Bond: charming, sophisticated, handsome, chillingly ruthless and licensed to kill. This, the first of Ian Fleming's tales of secret agent 007, finds Bond on a mission to neutralize a lethal, high-rolling Russian operative called simply "le Chiffre" -- by ruining him at the Baccarat table and forcing his Soviet spymasters to "retire" him. It seems that lady luck is taken with 007 -- le Chiffre has hit a losing streak. But some people just refuse to play by the rules, and Bond's attraction to a beautiful female agent leads him to disaster and an unexpected savior...

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Rating: 4/5