Written by Ryk Brown

Number 8 in The Frontiers Saga

Publisher: Ryk Brown
Pages: 220
Genre: Space Opera, Science Fiction
Published: 2013-08-14
Original Language: English

A world divided… A ship under construction… A military scrambling to prepare a defense… A moment that everyone hoped would never come… The Earth Defense Force must find a way to defend their world against invasion by the Jung Empire. More importantly, they must protect their newest ship, the UES Celestia, as she may be their last hope.

Read from 2020-03-07 to 2020-03-22
Read in English
Rating: 3.5/5
Review: After a run of really good books in this series, Celestia CV-02 is a bit of a breather. After the ending of the previous book (which I’m not going to say anything about… writing reviews of long series without including spoilers about any of the books is hard!), a book like this had to happen. It’s a transition from one arc of the story to the next arc. A lot of the book follows new, unfamiliar characters, making me realise how much of my enjoyment of this series has been down to feeling invested in its characters. My feelings toward the book almost feel unfair – the goings on in this book are interesting and well written – but without caring about the characters, or even knowing which characters I needed to care about, I never found it engaging.

That said, this series as a whole has more than earned my trust, and I’m sure the events set up by this book will more than justify my lack of engagement with it. The Frontiers Saga is developing into a rather complex, epic, series of books, and I am, as I have been for a while, very excited to see where these books will lead.