Written by Vernon Fitch, Richard Mahon

Publisher: 1st Impression Publishing
Pages: 288
Genre: Music, Biography
Published: 2006-07-28
Original Language: English

Features an insiders look at the making of The Wall album, insights into the Pink Floyd recording process, a song by song analysis of The Wall album, a technical overview of The Wall stage shows, a pictorial on The Wall live in concert, a glimpse into each of the 31 Wall live concerts, and an examination of the making of The Wall Live album. Includes a world-wide Wall discography including bootlegs, and an in-depth look at the band’s equipment by Pink Floyd’s own technical experts. With contributions from Marc Brickman, Brian Christian, Bob Ezrin, Stan Farber, Mark Fisher, David Gilmour, James Guthrie, Rick Hart, Andy Jackson, Jon Joyce, Michael McCarty, Nick Mason, Patrice Quef, Gerald Scarfe, Rick Stratton, Phil Taylor, Toni Tennille, Trevor Veitch, Roger Waters, and numerous others. Over 400 illustrations, with many rare and previously unpublished photos from the personal collections of those who recorded and built The Wall. Contains numerous pictures of Wall memorabilia from 'he Pink Floyd Archives'collection. Also features animated page art.

Read in English
Rating: 5/5
Review: Comfortably Numb was a Christmas gift, and one I really appreciated. I’ve been a Pink Floyd fan for quite a long time, and I found the behind the scenes photos, making of stories, etc. in this book to be incredibly interesting. I’d page through this book a lot, and the pictures from the live shows were especially interesting, as they allowed me to get form some mental images of what the stage show might have looked like while listening to live recordings of The Wall.