Written by Arthur Miller

Publisher: None
Pages: 112
Genre: Plays, Classics
Published: 1949-02-10
Original Language: English

In the spring of 1948 Arthur Miller retreated to a log cabin in Connecticut with the first two lines of a new play already fixed in his mind. He emerged six weeks later with the final script of Death of a Salesman - a painful examination of American life and consumerism. Opening on Broadway the following year, Miller's extraordinary masterpiece changed the course of modern theatre. In creating Willy Loman, his destructively insecure anti-hero, Miller himself defined his aim as being 'to set forth what happens when a man does not have a grip on the forces of life'.

Read in English
Rating: 4/5
Review: Death of a Salesman is one of the first plays I can remember reading, and really liking. At the time it was relatively new to me that a play could be read in book-form, and still create the same kind of images in ones head as a “normal” book does. For this play I remember for the first time managing to properly immerse myself in it the way I would in a regular book.