Written by Ryk Brown

Number 6 in The Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes

Publisher: Frontiers Saga Publishing
Pages: 317
Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Published: 2017-08-28
Original Language: English

A leader recently reborn… Two men, who are one and the same… New abilities not yet fully understood… Yet there is still so much to learn… Captain Nathan Scott has less than a week to prepare, before he must face the greatest Gunyoki pilot on all of Rakuen. The future of the Karuzari, and the freedom of the entire quadrant depend on one thing: His victory.

Read from 2023-05-12 to 2023-06-01
Read in English
Rating: 4/5
Review: For the Triumph of Evil is an instalment in the Frontiers Saga that I think had the potential to be great, but stops short at “perfectly solid”.

For the most part, it feels disconnected from the rest of the series, as if it’s a bit of a Christmas special in the same world with the same characters. That’s not to say that the overall plot doesn’t develop through this book, it does, the outcome of this book is meaningful, but a lot of the oxygen in this particular instalment spent on what is essentially a self-contained story within the wider story. This isn’t a problem - it’s still a good story - but for me, it fails to stir up and utilise some of the engagement and emotional attachment I feel about the plot as a whole.