Written by Martha Wells

Number 4.5 in The Murderbot Diaries

Publisher: Tor Books
Pages: 19
Genre: Science Fiction, Short Story
Published: 2020-05-05
Original Language: English

This short story is told from the point of view of Dr. Mensah and follows the events in Exit Strategy. Home: Habitat, Range, Niche, Territory was originally given free to readers who pre-ordered Martha’s Murderbot novel, Network Effect.

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Rating: 3.5/5
Review: A short story following Dr. Mensah, occurring in parallel with the concluding events of Exit Strategy.

The conceit of doing this is interesting, though, for me, the story doesn’t quite live up to the potential it has. I had almost expected the thoughts of Mensah to be slightly more unexpected, and therefore the main fun of this book was the interaction between her and Murderbot. Seeing the same interactions from a different point of view adds an element to the, while not unreliable, at times unrelatable narration we get from Murderbot’s point of view, and this story gave me that. I’d certainly like more of these stories.