Written by Imogen Edwards-Jones

Publisher: Bantam Press
Pages: 308
Genre: Humour
Published: 2004-07-05
Original Language: English

The manager of an exclusive boutique hotel (who shall remain nameless) exposes the low-life styles of the rich and famous in this titillating expose. The anonymous author has encountered lavish drug parties, gorgeous call girls, naked guests falling out of windows, $9,000 bottles of wine, astronomical telephone porn bills, bathtubs of Evian, and on more than one occasion, dead sheep. And every dirty word of it is true. This is a trawl through the decadence and debauchery of the ultimate service industry--where money not only talks, but gets guests the best room, the best service, and also entitles them to behave in any way they please.

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Rating: 3/5