Written by Ryk Brown

Number 10 in The Frontiers Saga

Publisher: Ryk Brown
Pages: 372
Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Published: 2014-01-09
Original Language: English

Heartfelt reunions with friends… Desperate plans to gain advantage… Opportunities that cannot be ignored… Discovery of family once thought lost… The time has come for Captain Scott to fight for that which was taken… the very freedom of the world he was sworn to protect. “Liberation” is a 108,000 word novel, and is the 10th episode in The Frontiers Saga.

Read from 2020-05-24 to 2020-06-03
Read in English
Rating: 4.5/5
Review: I believe Liberation can be fairly summarized as… ehm… stuff getting real. Stuff getting very real. The series has been coasting for a few books on things generally not going too badly for our heroes, and the genuine suspense being a bit limited because of that sense of predictability, but in this book the stakes are raised (again), and the tone turns a little darker.

I don’t want to write anything specific, so as not to spoil anything for anyone who may not want to know what happens in the previous books in the series, but contrary to the couple of books before it, Liberation is more about doing what needs to be done, rather than finding out what needs to be done and how.

This instalment gets the balance very right between success and failure, as well as between action and breathers, and the last quarter of this book is my favourite part of this series so far. After the events of this book, the story, and the way in which it plays out, will necessarily have to change quite dramatically, and I’m incredibly interested in seeing where Ryk Brown will take us next.

This last paragraph of the Frontiers Saga book-reviews could essentially just be boilerplate at this point, but if you want a many-part, enjoyable, space opera to get your teeth into and enjoy for quite a long time, the Frontiers Saga is definitely something you want to check out.