Written by Agatha Christie

Number 10 in Hercule Poirot

Publisher: Collins Crime Club
Pages: 255
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Published: 1934-01-01
Original Language: English

What more can a mystery addict desire than a much-loathed murder victim found aboard the luxurious Orient Express with multiple stab wounds, thirteen likely suspects, an incomparably brilliant detective in Hercule Poirot, and the most ingenious crime ever conceived?

Read in English
Rating: 4/5
Review: At this point I’m sure everyone knows murder on the Orient Express - probably more for the premise of the plot-twist than for the book itself. I can’t actually remember much of the book, other than the premise behind the plot-twist, but it is one of, if not the, first Christie-book I read in English, and I did find it rather enjoyable.