Written by P. G. Wodehouse

Number 1 in Jeeves

Publisher: George Newnes
Pages: 256
Genre: Short Stories, Humour, Classics
Published: 1919-05-01
Original Language: English

Who can forget our beloved gentleman's personal gentleman, Jeeves, who ever comes to the rescue when the hapless Bertie Wooster falls into trouble. My Man Jeeves is sure to please anyone with a taste for pithy buffoonery, moronic misunderstandings, gaffes, and aristocratic slapstick. Contents: "Leave It to Jeeves" "Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest" "Jeeves and the Hard-boiled Egg" "Absent Treatment" "Helping Freddie" "Rallying Round Old George" "Doing Clarence a Bit of Good" "The Aunt and the Sluggard"

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Rating: 3/5
Review: My Man Jeeves is the first of the short story collections about Bertie Wooster and his man, as it were, Jeeves. Having read a couple of the short stories I thought they seemed very familiar. I resorted to the back cover of the book which informed me that this book contains drafts of stories later re-written for other collections, which would explain that. The book also contains some stories about Reggie Pepper, who the back cover insists is an earlier version of Bertie. The slight change in style between the stories of the two characters is refreshing for a few pages, but the Reggie Pepper stories lack the charm held by the Bertie Wooster stories. With Bertie I always find myself wanting everything to turn out all right. With Reggie I found myself not caring either way. The Jeeves and Wooster stories themselves are entertaining as always, though a little straightforward by the standard set elsewhere. This book doesn’t do justice to quite how good Jeeves and Wooster can be, and should therefore probably be avoided by anyone who has yet to form a first impression. It’s still entertaining though, and a quick enough read to be worth it.