Written by Stephen King

Number 5 in The Green Mile

Publisher: Signet Books
Pages: 96
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Published: 1996-07-25
Original Language: English

Prison Warden Hal Moores isn’t just Paul Edgecombe’s boss—Hal and his wife Melinda are also friends with Paul and his wife Janice. When Paul learns that Melinda has a brain tumor, he realizes that John Coffey can use his astonishing gift to heal her. Though Paul understands that the warden would never allow John to leave the prison, and Melinda can’t enter it, he also knows that John is Melinda’s only hope for survival. And so Paul and other E Block guards devise a dangerous plan that risks their jobs—not something to take lightly in 1932—as well as their lives. They decide to spirit John away into the night and beyond the confines of the Green Mile.