Written by Ryk Brown

Number 12 in The Frontiers Saga

Publisher: Ryk Brown
Pages: 470
Genre: Space Opera, Science Fiction
Published: 2014-10-12
Original Language: English

A new ally providing aid… An old ally joining the fight… Their resources growing with each passing day… Their homeworld finally on the road to recovery… Things finally seem to be coming together for Captain Scott and the Alliance, as he takes his forces on the offensive. However, the Jung may in turn give him more trouble than he bargained for.

Read from 2020-11-13 to 2020-11-22
Read in English
Rating: 4.5/5
Review: Rise of the Alliance is my favourite book in The Frontiers Saga so far. The other books have, largely, had a defined place in the story as a whole. Some politics, development of characters, setting up for a battle, or the battle itself. Rise of the Alliance benefits from being longer than the other books. It’s well-rounded in and of itself, and has a bit of all the elements that has made this story enjoyable. It has some politics, a couple of twists I found genuinely surprising, interesting personal stories, and a battle that had a genuine feeling of peril to it.

I’m not going to say anything at all about what’s actually in this book, as this is far enough into the series that any information at all about it would be a spoiler for the books that come before it, but The Frontiers Saga just keeps on getting better. I may try to catch up completely by the end of 2021!