Written by Oscar Wilde

Publisher: Leonard Smithers
Pages: 67
Genre: play, comedy, farce
Published: 1899-01-01
Original Language: English

Oscar Wilde's brilliant play makes fun of the English upper classes with light-hearted satire and dazzling humour. It is 1890's England and two young gentlemen are being somewhat limited with the truth. To inject some excitement into their lives, Mr Worthing invents a brother, Ernest, as an excuse to leave his dull country life behind him to pursue the object of his desire, the ravishing Gwendolyn. While across town Algernon Montecrieff decides to take the name Ernest, when visiting Worthing's young ward Cecily. The real fun and confusion begins when the two end up together and their deceptions are in danger of being revealed.

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Rating: 4.5/5
Review: It’s always interesting reading classics you hope you will like. The potential for disappointment is very much there - but The Importance of Being Earnest very much lived up to my expectations.

It’s effortlessly funny, and just on the right side of absurd. A nice definition of the genre “farce”, if anyone were to need one.

It’s a very quick, very fun read.