Written by Mick Herron

Number 2.5 in Slough House

Publisher: Soho Crime
Pages: 112
Genre: Espionage, Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Published: 2015-01-27
Original Language: English

Dieter Hess, an aged spy, is dead, and John Bachelor, his MI5 handler, is in deep, deep trouble. Death has revealed that deceased had been keeping a secret second bank account—and there’s only ever one reason a spy has a secret second bank account. The question of whether he was a double agent must be resolved, and its answer may undo an entire career’s worth of spy secrets.

Read from 2023-07-16 to 2023-07-16
Read in English
Rating: 4.5/5
Review: A quick, short, sweet, novella from the Slow Horses universe with just the right amount of action for it’s length.

In this one we follow a “cleanup” after the death of a former agent, which takes a somewhat inconvenient turn for his handler who it seems may not have been fully aware of what this thought-to-be-former spy was up to during his retirement.

This is a very quick read, and a nice little universe-expander for the Slow Horses series. Along with some other characters from the Slow Horses series, Jackson Lamb also features in it, and even though he’s only there for a little bit - it adds to the impression of him being a man who is more than he (very deliberately) seems.