Written by Stephen King

Number 2 in The Green Mile

Publisher: Signet Books
Pages: 96
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Published: 1996-04-25
Original Language: English

Cold Mountain Penitentiary has been home to many troubled souls. E Block, where the electric chair waits for those who must pay the ultimate price, has been home to the most troubled of all. And here, not all the evil is behind bars. Sometimes it carries a gun and wears a badge. Cold Mountain is a place of the damned, but it can also be a place where salvation comes from the most unlikely source. Nothing you have read can prepare you for Stephen King's boldest experiment in terror, a multi-part serial novel that begins on Death Row and burrows inward to the most horrific secrets of the human heart. It's just a mouse, you say. But in the hands of Stephen King, nothing is what it seems.