Written by Rick Treon

Number 2 in Bartholomew Beck

Publisher: Fawkes Press
Pages: 324
Genre: Thriller
Published: 2021-08-03
Original Language: English

Hungover from celebrating the latest win for his best-selling true-crime book, Bartholomew Beck is in no mood to deal with a pesky reporter. Especially one who is sleeping with his co-author Veronica, working for his enemy, and taking great pleasure in letting Beck know that his days as a free man are numbered. That's because U.S. Congressman Grant Schuhmacher wants to avenge the death of his son, Paul, and he holds Beck responsible. But focusing on Beck leaves Schuhmacher vulnerable to his enemies, both political and personal. Meanwhile, a clue in a decades-old murder case falls into Beck's lap. If he and Veronica can solve the murder, Beck might save himself — or seal his doom. But one thing is certain: Beck's not sure he and those he loves can keep paying The Price of Silence.