Written by J. A. Lees, Walter J. Clutterbuck

Publisher: Unknown
Pages: 372
Genre: Travel
Published: 1882-01-01
Original Language: English

Join three friends on a funny and thrilling hunting and fishing trip around the wilds of Norway.

Read from 2012-06-07 to 2012-06-08
Read in English
Rating: 4/5
Review: For years my mother has kept saying “You should read this book”, and for years I’ve been meaning to read it. So, being at home on holidays, I took the battered, older-than-myself, obviously well-read edition of this book off the shelf and got on with it. It is a travel-diary first published in 1882. Yes, eighteen hundred and eighty-two. The age of it is part of what makes it rather remarkable. It follows three Britons on their adventures fishing and hunting in the desolate mountains of Norway. It’s written in a very dry, very funny, and very British style, and makes a number of rather witty observations about the Norwegian way of life, Norwegian nature and Norwegian people. The interesting thing is how many of these observations I find myself being able to relate to today, over a hundred years later. I really enjoyed the book and laughed out loud quite a few times reading it. Though, I’m probably biased. A rather entertaining read.