Written by Anton Chekhov

Publisher: Moscow Art Theatre
Pages: 128
Genre: Plays, Classics
Published: 1901-01-31
Original Language: Russian

Olga, Masha and Irina lead a drab life in a provincial garrison town. Because their love lives leave a lot to be desired, they dream of eventually escaping to Moscow. Some critics have called this the best drama of the 20th century.

Read in English
Rating: 2/5
Review: Three Sisters is a really interesting one. I really, really, disliked it as I was reading it. I found it pointless and boring, and had a hard time following what was going on.

Since then I’ve been reliably informed that it is actually a very funny play, and that I really should give it another chance. I will do at some point: if I ever have a chance to see a production of Three Sisters I will, and then re-read it, hopefully getting things I just didn’t get the first time around.