Written by James S. A. Corey, (pseudonym for Daniel Abraham, Ty Franck

Number 8 in The Expanse

Publisher: Orbit
Pages: 534
Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Published: 2019-03-26
Original Language: English

Read from 2019-04-02 to 2019-04-19
Read in English
Rating: 5/5
Review: Wow.

So, I’m not writing anything at all about what happens in this book, because doing so would be impossible without possibly spoiling the previous books, but… wow. This book really packs all the right punches in all the right places.

This is the point at which I’d say “it’s different from the other books”, but at this point the books being different from each other has started being the rule rather than the exception. It does, however, at times feel a little like some of the novellas, but in the best possible way: the story feels fresh, but also very familiar in that the book follows what now seems to be a bit of a formula of a relatively short, single, setup, before letting go of the slingshot - at which point everything just happens. This one books combines some of the most brutal emotion, which some of the most dramatic action of the previous books, and it just works so very, very, well.

If you’ve made it this far in the series, there is no way you wouldn’t read Tiamat’s Wrath, so I’m not even going to recommend it. Suffice to say that it is up there, along with Nemesis Games, as one of my favourite books of the series so far.

When is the next book out?