Written by Mark Twain

Number 3 in The Adventures of Tom and Huck

Publisher: Charles L. Webster & Co
Pages: 106
Genre: Classics, Adventure
Published: 1894-01-01
Original Language: English

Tom Sawyer Abroad is a novel by Mark Twain published in 1894. It features Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn in a parody of Jules Verne-esque adventure stories. In the story, Tom, Huck & Jim set sail to Africa in a futuristic hot air balloon, where they survive encounters with lions, robbers & fleas to see some of the world's greatest wonders, including the Pyramids & the Sphinx. Like Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer, Detective, the story is told using the 1st-person narrative voice of Huck Finn.