Written by P. G. Wodehouse

Number 4 in Jeeves

Publisher: Doubleday
Pages: 305
Genre: Short Stories, Humour, Classics
Published: 1930-06-20
Original Language: English

Jeeves is not only the tireless servant to the feckless Bertie Wooster, but savior to a good number of others. Here, Jeeves helps Bingo Little in the affair of the marooned cabinet minister; Sippy Sipperly when he's persecuted by his former headmaster; Tuppy Glossop in his foolhardy pursuit of opera singer Cora Bellinger; and Bertie's fat Uncle George's brushes with the lower classes!

Read from 2012-09-01 to 2012-09-03
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Rating: 4/5
Review: Unsurprisingly, this Wodehouse book contains short stories in which Wooster and his friends get helped out with their problems by the Gentleman’s man-servant, Jeeves. The style is, of course, the same as the other Wodehouse-books I’ve read, and that is not a bad thing. Unfortunately I didn’t find this particular collection quite as funny as the two preceding Jeeves-books, and at times everything became a little too predictable. Still a decent read, but far from my favourite Wodehouse.