BookAuthorGenrePublication DateReadRatingSeries
Call for the DeadJohn le CarréMystery, Thriller, Espionage, Crime1961-01-01NoGeorge Smiley [1]
A Murder of QualityJohn le CarréMystery, Thriller, Crime, Espionage1962-01-01NoGeorge Smiley [2]
The Spy Who Came In from the ColdJohn le CarréThriller, Mystery, Espionage1963-01-01NoGeorge Smiley [3]
The Looking Glass WarJohn le CarréEspionage, Thriller, Mystery1965-01-01NoGeorge Smiley [4]
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, SpyJohn le CarréEspionage, Thriller1974-06-012015-01-033George Smiley [5], Karla Trilogy [1]
The Honourable SchoolboyJohn le CarréEspionage, Thriller, Mystery1977-09-01NoGeorge Smiley [5], Karla Trilogy [1]
Smiley's PeopleJohn le CarréEspionage, Thriller, Mystery1979-01-02NoGeorge Smiley [7], Karla Trilogy [3]
The Secret PilgrimJohn le CarréEspionage, Thriller, Mystery1990-12-25NoGeorge Smiley [8]
A Legacy of SpiesJohn le CarréEspionage, Thriller, Mystery2017-09-05NoGeorge Smiley [9]